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Working with technology for the majority of my life and eventually having his lead into a career has had me speaking technical language for some time now. Overall I rarely think about it and since I have a large background working face to face with clients or customers I switch between common talk and tech speak without realizing it. With the approach of the Animockery pod cast I have taken stock I the way of who I speak, the sound of my voice and the words I choose. In short I have a thick-ish Wisconsin accent I need to work on and my word choices often lead to accidental puns. I also noticed something about tech speak; it can sound strange out of context. After this realization came to light I started to take note of some of the better ones and I started to compile a list. Keep in mind some of these are phrases I have heard in the work place at some point. Without further delay here are my top ten favorites;


#10 – “Your box is so hot!” (referring to a PC tower…)

#9 – “Defrag my hard drive.”

#8 – “This would be a lot easier if we just synced our devices.”

#7 – “I went into his room and he showed me his hard drive, I was very impressed.”

#6 – “When connecting to an unfamiliar device make sure to scan it for anything suspicious.”

#5 – “I got a little carried away and I broke my tweeter.”

#4 – “Don’t plug that into my network it could be riddled with viruses!”

#3 – “She approved my request and granted me backdoor access to her server.”

#2 – “I just did a big data dump and now things are moving much faster.”

#1 – “I know it large but I need to insert my column into your database.”

As you can see with an overactive imagination and a strange sense of humor you can see that tech speak can sound bizarre when worded right.

Thank you for reading,