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Sorry this took a little longer than I intended but since these are the decades I grew up in and currently live in I got a little wrapped up in some rather epic nostalgia. Thank goodness for YouTube for bringing me back to the old days. As I promised I saved the best for last, today I will be summing up the 80’s through t 00’s. Lets have some fun!

The 1980’s


Known for: The technology age

PCs were confusing so Microsoft ripped off Macintosh and introduced Windows. Speaking of Steve Jobs people were able to play games on Apples thanks to Macintosh. More important than either of those the world got the Nintendo Entertainment System (Happy 2oth this July, November for us American folks).

The Compact Disc let us experience the loading screen and 3D games made their first appearance. Nintendo thought they had it mad but then Sega showed up and they were looking for a fight. Mount Saint Helen erupted and some Germans drove their Trabant through the Berlin Wall.

The 1990’s

You can do your shopping at home or play Mortal Kombat with a friend in

You can do your shopping at home or play Mortal Kombat with a friend in Vietnam!

Known for: The Internet boom

“Be kind please rewind” became a thing of the past thanks to DVDs. Nintendo and Sega had an understanding until the PlayStation showed up and changed the game (heh, get it?). There were lost of games to choose from with Nintendo 64, PlayStation frighting for the masses.

Dolly was a sheep and she was a clone. The Moon got boring so we sent a robot to Mars, that got boring too. Everyone was listening to Grunge while buying pee on this new thing called eBay. Sega refused to fizzle out and released the Dreamcast but the world just wasn’t ready. The geek hordes waited 16 years for George to them more Star Wars but all they got was the Phantom Menace.

The 2000’s


Known for: The geek takeover and birth of social media

Everyone came out of their basement when we realized Y2K didn’t kill us. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube all showed up and we never had to be in the same room as another person again. iPods killed the Walkman and put another nail in the coffin of radio as my dad knows it. In one decade geeks went from underdog to top dog.

We got to have the PlayStation 2 and 3. Bill gates got made when his invitation to the console party never showed up so Microsoft made the XBox. Wii was a weird name but it may brought Nintendo back into the fight. Sega stopped making consoles ans concentrated on games, it was weird playing Sonic on Nintendo… World of Warcraft was released and ended countless social lives but dang did I have a blast while I played.

Whats next?


I seriously think that Disney will continue to buy everything and soon the US will become “The Imperial States of Disney”, you can call it ISD for short but Master Mouse will have you executed.

Thank you for reading,