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I often listen to ‘The morning Stream‘ with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott. Over the last couple weeks I have caught them bringing up the various decades and stuff that happened. This got me thinking about what these time periods were known for and the things that took place. I decided to do a little homework, and found some neat stuff. I also thought it would be fun to put a little bit of a geek theme to this decades post.

The 1910’s


Known for: “The over there decade” because we fraught in the first great world war.

Einstein invented the first theories of relativity and the laws of physics. People were introduced to Orange Crush and the pulp was added not included. Ladies weer getting frisky by showing their ankles while the men relaxed at home in tweed jackets. The Titanic marveled us all on its maiden voyage and shocked us when it sank five days later.

The 1920’s


Known For: “The roaring 20’s” It was a time of wealth, cultural change  and jazz.

People got radios in their homes and could sit and listen to shows as a family while eating Oscar Mayer wieners and drinking 7-Up for the first time. Metro Goldwyn film studios was founded while Disney introduced Micky Mouse, a.k.a Steamboat Willie.  John Baird demonstrated the first practical television but then the stock market crashed and we all got whip lash.

The 1930’s


Known for: The Great Depression.

Poor people got bored so they played the board game Monopoly when it was licensed by Parker Brothers. Since people were broke the government thought it would be a good idea to creak Social Security. Since it was cheap entertainment radio was all the rage but the cool kids danced to the big bands. There was that dust bowl thing but we got ‘The Hobbit‘ and fireside chats with Teddy.

The 1940’s


Known for: The second world war and the Holocaust.

Women wore the bikini and danced the Jitterbug for the first time. The US was given commercial television and the sitcom and kids saw the wonders of the slinky. The Atom bomb made a big bang and the jet engine made things go fast and some other bad things happened before life got better.

The 1950’s


Known for: “The Golden Age” and the “Nuclear Family”.

Little Billy played with Mr. Potato Head and Silly Putty while Susy got her first Barbie. The video game was born but not so known but everyone got to meet the Peanuts. Disneyland opened its gates and Elvis made his debut All while we wore seat belts.

The 1960’s


Known for: “The swinging sixties” full of hippies and cultural rebellion.

Hippies were all over spreading “love” but we also go the computer mouse and Astroturf. Wood stock was a big deal but Martin Luther King Jr giving his “I have a dream” speech was even bigger. Sputnik made us fear missiles from Cuba but we landed on the Moon first.

The 1970’s


Known for: The 1960’s 2.0 also disco.

The world went mad with hate against the machine but we could now wrote about it on Post-it-notes. The floppy disc went public and the world was blessed with the first arcades. Pong allowed us to play video games at home plus we started watching M.A.S.H. The cost to ship the London bridge to the US was outrageous but it doesn’t matter because Star Wars premiered and the world was never the same.

I will be saving the best decades for part two. I wanted to do this as one post when I first thought about it but decided it should be done properly and I want to do some more digging before I post the rest. The nest section will take from the 80’s through the 00’s.