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Welcome readers to the second edition of ‘Geek Notes’! Today I will be discussing the Kinect and how it holds up in a family with a budget. Lets get right down to it kids! The Kinect came out and my first thought was that it was a waste of money and I swore i would never get one. This was a long time ago and it was also before I had kids. Now that I am older, and a little wiser, I have taken the time to learn more about it. This will be my quick tip ‘o the hat to the Kinect.


Lets start out that this is not a device for everyone. By this I mean tubby who barely moves his wrists when using the Wii controllers for any game. It is not for the hardcore gamer who loves the feel of the controller in their hands and it is not built to work with everything that comes out. Six years ago I would have never wanted one but now that I am always looking for an excuse to get in some game time and still spend time with the wife and kids I think this is the perfect fit.

I know that some of you may be thinking that I should just get a Wii since the price is darn near the same but my oldest kid is only four and I would rather not get a broken TV screen from a wild boy whipping a controller around. The Kinect is a truly hands free gaming device that gets the player involved and promotes interaction. The best examples are Kinectimals and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Two simple choices that allow for fun and exploration.

To sum it all up I love the darn thing and it is rather cheap right now. If you already have the Xbox the Kinect is only $90 and that comes with a game. I have not gotten one so I have tested this out people who do have one. I have been sucked in and will be picking one up and since the wife wants one just to be a tiger it should be an easy sell. I give this my cheap dad budget approval because if it entertains the family for even a month it pays for its self.







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=====Notice to Readers=====

Now with that out of the way I would like to take a moment to catch up. Those of you who follow this lovely blog may have noticed that there has not been a great deal of activity. There is a many a reasons for this and some I would rather not share. Some I will and here they are; I have too many projects and too little time. I have been dreaming about this site for some time now and it is coming together very slowly. That is one problem, I am not a patient man. Changes will be happening and some people will like them and some may not either way I do not care because this is my baby and I will do as I please. Now, before I get started on this edition of ‘Geek Notes’ I will run down some of the things you will expect to see.

This will slowly move away from the traditional blog and become a more independent website. I think that the WordPress format may stay but soon we will move away from the free WordPress.com blog site.

This begins with our new domain name which currently just re-routes you here, you can see that action now. I chose the domain name AnimockeryStudios.com for a few reasons, one Animockery.com was taken and I was not interested in contacting the dude sitting on it and not using it. The other reason was that Animockery Studios gives space to house many of our creative ideas and will prove useful moving forward with other projects and the coming Podcast.

The next thing is that I will not likely make regular posts all the time. Unless this suddenly allows me to pay all my bills this will not be top priority. As some of you may have already noticed I am not doing drawings daily, although I may whip something up one or more times a day I do not and will not take the time every day to post it. The truth is that I do not feel that I am doing it for me anymore and that was the original goal. This will also apply to the comic on some weeks. I like how I started things off but it is not exactly what I wanted.