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I am super tired and I am super excited. Why? Well because I am starting an honest to goodness regular post. It is high time that I did this and this time it will be nicely focused and have a target group. For some time now I have wanted to do a “cliff notes” sort of post for geeks who just don’t have time for the long version. As a father of three who also has a day career I do not have time for hours of video games, endless movies and every comic that comes out. I will do my best to pick a subject each week and give my summary so you can decide if it is for you or if you cannot waste precious time on it.

I know that some of you may not fall into this group but I hope to condense sop major points so it can be useful for everyone. I will say this, there are some rules I will be setting for myself. First, topics will remain within the geek realm. Second, I also support three kids, my wife and myself so any tech stuff will be covered when I can afford it and I will always seek out the best bang for your buck. The last rule is not only for me, but for you the reader. I want feedback, tell me what you want to know about. I will do my best to seek out what I can and return a great summarized report.

I hope to make each post fun and informative. It shall be called “Geek Notes” and it will be a great way each week to either learn about something new that you can buy without stress and enjoy time and time again. I plan on this post being up every Thursday. Tomorrow will be the first one. “Geek Notes: PS4 and the Geek Dad on a Budget”

Thank you for reading,



p.s. I will work on a special logo or banner for this.