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I have officially posted the second comic and I am somewhat more happy with this one. I did a few things different this time. I did not sketch it out and just did this completely digital. I think this gave me a few advantages as well as some handicaps. It took me a while to adjust some style preferences and it caused me to nit-pick at a few more things than usual. On the plus side I think it took me a great deal less time. I added some color in the last panel just for funsies and there may be more in future editions. Since I have been on an avatar kick my coloring is improving. You will also notice I settled on hand lettering the comic. It takes more time but I think as time goes on and I improve it will be worth it.

Last item for this post is to say that I have decided to keep it weekly but the comic will go up on Monday so i have a little more time on the weekend to finish things. I will also no longer make a post just for the comic. I will try to find a better means of sending out a notification to everyone but for now expect a new comic every Monday starting next week.  For this week you can seem Animockery #1 & #2 here.


Thank you for reading,