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I really enjoy reading comics. I also really enjoy having money. At this moment in my life, the two are at odds. Money is winning out. I’ve been having a hard time justifying the expense which means (gulp) I may be growing up. Oh geez, I think I just puked a little in my mouth. Never fear, the comic cheapskate is here. Turns out the Comixology app has tons of free comics. Some of them are previews and most of them are lesser known works. You’re not going to find many Spiderman comics in this lot. That being said, I’ve read several that are real winners. I’d like to share these little diamonds with you in a new (and hopefully reoccurring) post called The Comic Cheapskate.

My first cheapskate approved selection is a funny little book called “A Ninja Named Stan” – Issue #1. This book is published by Arcana. I had never of heard of them either. Author Mike Whittenberger and artist Delia Gable are the creative force behind this four book series. Here’s the synopsis. Stan Kidderick is a private investigator and a ninja. Awesome combination right? Only problem is Stan isn’t real good at either. Enter his guardian angel, somewhat inept police officer Andrea Zuwowski. It seems these two are on a collision course with adventure. Possibly even a romance??? I can’t confirm my suspicions because only the first book is free. Damn my cheapskate ways! I’m intrigued and I’d love to read more once I return from my spending hiatus. Let me know if you’ve checked out this series.

Ninja Named Stan