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Well, after years of procrastinating I have finally started a comic. I have to admit it feels nice, but is also feels sickening. I have built this up so much in my head that I feel naked and exposed. This could be the best thing ever or an epic fail only time will tell. I do have more to share about the comic but first if you have not seen it check it out here. I am sorry if it is hard to read the first panel but as the mini blurp below it states I am trying out some things. I urge people to give me some time to work out the kinks as I am very new to this and until Animockery blog morphs into Animockery site I am limited on some things.

The first thing I want to point out is that I changed things last-minute. My original intent was to base a male character on myself  starting in my younger years. I may have led people on to this as well. However I had a really hard time writing myself. A few other things will change because of this which partially includes the story. I am working out the final ideas right now but it will be a little rough in the beginning.

I will be back later to post a daily sketch until then enjoy the comic.

Thank you for reading,