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My head is screaming in pain right now as well as my shoulder, right arm. I sort of ignored my Chiropractor and never really took a break from drawing or anything really. I am still working on the inking of the comic, I have the first panel inked and typed. The other two will have to wait until morning. I will do everything in my power to finish it all tomorrow then I start anew on Monday, which will be nice since I will have twice as much time as I allowed on this first one.

Anyway that stuff aside, I did pound out one daily sketch today. I had the Wacom out so i thought I would take a shot at a free hand sketch in a style I normally do not use. The last time I tried a freehand character on the Wacom other than my squiggles exercise, I was unable to do it. The thing is that this is a pad that is nothing more than a black rectangle and there is no direct marking. I have always looked at what I was doing while I drew. So looking at a screen and ignoring my hand was a though deal. This time was not a master piece but it was an improvement.

New style, freehand on Wacom.

New style, freehand on Wacom.