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For those of you who have been tagging along and paying attention you may be thinking that I have missed a day for the sketch. Technically this is true. Today’s sketch was completed last night but due to the fact that I have very little free time I tend to get these done late at night. I posted this later so I can start to schedule the post time to something other than midnightish.

Today is a bit of a cop-out I know but it was fun none the less. I only took about a minute to do this one. Normally I would put more effort into this but I am working on a special project and I was able to sketch out three panels for Sundays comic ‘Animockery Comic #1’. I was very happy about that and will be able to ink it tomorrow so it is ready to go up on the site.

One last item, I may be changing some major item on the blog. The first is the over all appearance, even with set themes I do not think the current one suits our need anymore. The next thing will be moving form a free blog to a self hosted site powered by WordPress. That last one has been in the works but now with the advancements and ADrockington joining the team we both feel this might be the best way to go. Of course we value you readers so if you have an opinion please leave a comment, you can also email me or follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think about the blog, the upcoming comic or anything really.

See what I did there? Man I love puns, I love to draw them even more.

See what I did there? Man I love puns, I love to draw them even more.

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p.s. I want to bring that signature back so if I forget it again call me on it.