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It has been announced by Lucas Films that work has begun one scripting two Star Wars spinoff films. As a fan of the franchise I felt it my obligation to track down more details about this new revelation. It brings me great joy to say that my resource, who will remain unnamed, has been able to supply me with insider information about these films.

It turns out that they not only listed candidates for writing a screenplay, but actually chose a story, cast and director. Since I care so much for my loyal followers I will now share this information with you.

Movie #1:

Legend of the Grand Gungan Army: The Depths of Naboo

Screenplay – Jim Wheat & Ken Wheat

Director – Kevin Reynolds

Cast – Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Sharon Stone

Plot – After decades of living with humans on Naboo the Gungan people are confronted with a new threat from deep below their underwater cities. Led by Boss Gallo (Jack Black) the Gungan Grand Army rallies its forces to defend against this mysterious force know as the Dearg-due. The story focuses on a squad led by Commander Pal-Hass (Johnny Depp) and while they suffer great loss at the hands of their enemy they prove to be the driving force of the Gungan Grand Army.

Back in the Gungan capital city Boss Gallo uses the stories of Commander Pal-Hass and his squad to rally support for military self-reliance. Afraid that the battle will be lost due to the lack of knowledge of their enemy and shrinking numbers of the Gungan Grand army Feijan, love interest of Pal-Hass, attempts to convince Boss Gallo to appeal to the Naboo for help.

Movie # 2

Jedi Origins: The Tale of Master Yoda

Screenplay – David Odell

Director – Ron Howard

Cast – Frank Oz, Adam Serkis & Shiri Wesier

Plot – 874 years before the battle of Yavin a young student named Yoda prepares to leave his home world of Losgrinn. Located on the very edge of the outer rim unknown to the rest of the galaxy, Yoda expects to never see his home again. After gaining the approval of his master and saying good bye to his family he sets forth unaware of the danger that he faces.

Shortly after his departure Yoda’s ship is detected by a passing Sith apprentice. Compelled to explore this strange presence the Sith apprentice Darth Millenial decides to seek it out. He eventually discovers Yoda who has practiced in the use of the Force but was unaware of what it truly was. Millenial offers to train him Yoda but it does not take long for him to discover Milleenial’s true nature. When Yoda confronts Millenial about his dark side a conflict arises.

This is all the news I have for now. I was told there may be some movie poster concepts but my inside resource has not been able to get his hands on them yet. I will update you all as soon as I get copies!

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