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I had a great idea with the help of co-author ADrockington. This has spilled into a mini project which I will unveil this Friday. I would be happy to share more but that would not be as much fun for me. Besides I hope to gather more people to follow this neat blog and to have their eyes pleasured with our awesome words.

As I continue to tip toe around this item of mystery I can sense the suspense building. No worries Friday will arrive sooner than you think. In the mean time I will admit this, it is going to be fun and cause potential havoc so that should be fun. Until then enjoy this daily sketch. I know it is one follower early but I felt like giving you all a big fat thumbs up thank you for following this blog. I am confident that we will hit 100 this week and that said I will begin regular comic strips every Sunday starting this coming Sunday. Thank you all for the support and I hope to see more of you join the ranks and please feel free to share in any of the comments sections.

Thank you readers, lets keep it going!,next stop 300!

Thank you readers, lets keep it going! Next stop 300!

p.s. next goal is the podcast start-up with co-host ADrockington. This is planned to go up no sooner than April since I start classes again and the family is moving in March.