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I had a ton of fun while doing the Warner Bros. vs. Disney Star Wars parody. So much that I decided to do it again. Tonight is part one of two which will end up being a scene like the last one of these I did.  I will post part two tomorrow, I also think I will do more of these and try to match up characters from each side with a Star Wars counter part as best as I can. Feel free to take a guess as to who this is, I already have the other character picked but will not share until tomorrow. As for any potential future sketches like this I would like to here suggestions, I cannot promise I will use them but I will consider good ones. If I run out of ideas or characters that make sense I may replace Star Wars with another universe like Lord of the Rings or something.


Warner Bros’ vs. Disney Parody Act 1 Scene 2 (part 1 of 2)