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Let me begin by saying that you will begin to see changes all over the site. I want to smooth out some of the wrinkles and organize things to make room for someone new. Whats that? Someone new? Well it is true, Animockery is very proud to welcome ADrockington into the fold. This will be a fine addition the grand awesomeness that is I.

You may be asking what this means for the reader. Well it simply means more content and better writing. I have not had a chance to post all of the things that I want to post and now with another contributor it give me some breathing room. This also means that a podcast may come sooner than planned. ADrockington is not only the new co-writer but will also co-host the podcast that is in the works. We have a ton of ideas and even set some cool things in motion.

As for the new author lets welcome him with open arms, as far as I know he is new to WordPress so lets show some appreciation by following the blog.

Welcome aboard ADrockington!

Thank you for reading,