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This was supposed to go up yesterday but just as I was about to hit ‘submit’ some jerk decided to crash their car into the internets. Sound strange? Well we just had a storm that pooped snow all over us and since we just went through a warm weather spurt ( that sounds like a dirty word, is this a dirty word?) so when it snowed again many people shut their brains of when the turned the ignition. In the end they got things running again so i will forgive this random dink that post blocked me last night.

I recently did a sketch that portrayed two characters, one from Warner Brothers and the other from Disney, cast as roles from Star Wars. This was pretty fun and I also plan to ink and color that. I am thinking of doing something similar and continue to match each character’s personal to a role in Star Wars. So far I did Daffy as a Jedi because he is self-important and kind of crazy. Then there is Donald, that only seemed to make sense that he would be in the Imperial Navy, right? Besides Disney has already pegged him a Stormtrooper.

I will also be continuing my own original work as well as my character designs for the upcoming comic. Oh, and that reminds me, I said I was going to try to do a weekly IWWC. I still want to try that but it may not start just yet. I am trying to arrange things to I can make sure to have time for the daily, two regular  posts a week and have time to ink any comic related work. I am beginning to thing that I would have to quit my job to have enough time. I love my current job dearly but I think if this made money for me  I would be willing to give it up.

Faces of guy.

Faces of guy.

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