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Another long day, I doubt I will have  a post done. The thing is that I have been working on my sons 4th birthday and since he is having a huge amount of guests and a theme I have not had a ton of free time. I have started to get some great ideas for a schedule and a focus here on Animockery. Two items you will see right away; ‘If We Were Chickens…’, or IWWC™ will be a regular item, so will ‘Ink of the Week’. Of course I will always do my best to complete my ‘Sketch-a-Day’ goal (15 for 15 as of today). I have realized that these ‘Sketch-a-Day’ posts have turned into mini posts so I guess I can say that I am not a total slacker.

New schedule (hope to begin all items by February 1st.)

Daily – Sketch-a-Day (this may go on longer than the planned 365 days)

Tuesday – A post about life and my view on things a geek, husband and father.

Wednesday – IWWC™

Thursday – Pure geek post (nothing personal too just about things I like or geek related finds, e.g. tech toys, games, comics etc.)

Friday – Possible guest sketches from my boys

Saturday – This may become a Podcast if I can coordinate with a buddy.

Sunday – Ink of the Week

As far as I know the Podcast will not be live. It will be recorded during the week and posted for Saturday. This will be a difficult one since my friend lives an hour away and we have numerous schedule conflicts but we are slowly hammering out ideas for a show and times to do it.

All things considered I am happy with how things are developing here. I have set some fun goals that require the aid of followers and fellow bloggers. I actually got lucky as I logged in over the weekend and spotted my stats just before it hit 1000 views. O took a screen shot to keep as a fun little reminder. When I started this nearly two years ago I did not really dedicate my efforts to doing anything real since I never thought I would have the time or the resources to do what I want. As time goes on I find myself needing this more than ever. Life has a funny way of taking over and it can begin to define you in ways you never thought. I think that it is important to flow with the positive but I also think that you hold on to your core beliefs.

Current Animockery Goals

100 followers – A weekly comic dubbed ‘Animockery’ based loosely on my life as  geek.

300 followers – Podcast weekly with or with out the help of my friend, this will be more a “how-we-do as geeks and fathers

500 followers – If the Podcast is going strong I will peg down a co-host, if not done yet and it will be done live.

1000 followers – Animockery will get its own domain, currently it is owned by people who have done nothing with it but if I need to take it I will.

I guess this turned out to be a regular post after all. The title would have said ‘Sketch a Day” but now it grew into a real post, sort of. In reality I started a mini post to go with a daily sketch like I have done so far but my fingers just kept working.

Thank you reading,



Since you will likely see more activity from me you will also see more things like signing my actual name or sharing more about my kids like pictures and names. This will always depend on my mood and the content but it was likely to happen.