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Today My boys and I were stuck in a waiting room while their baby sister saw the doctor with mommy. On the positive side we talked about Night Hawk and hashed out some ideas. My son made it clear that he want a hat and a cable gun. He wanted a dagger too but I decided to over rule that and we went with a less lethal “taser” type rod that extends. This way he can poke the bad guys and make them go “ni-ni” and the police can put them in jail. Anyway he also wanted cool gloves so i thought it would be cool to have cut-offs with a tablet screen built into the wrist.

Just as a side note I think I will keep regular posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I wanted to attempt the 365 challenge and do the old MWF schedule but it is too hard right now. This said, look forward to the daily sketches and then come here to read regular posts every Tuesday and Thursday. I am also considering not posting the daily sketch here and doing it only on my other blog page. Not sure how it would work. For now I will do things a s they are. I will continue to add them to the daily sketch page so they are in one place. After the 365 days are up I will likely only place them there and then go back to a thee post a week schedule.

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