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With all of the discussions of superheroes in my house these days it really has me thinking. Going way back to my days of youth I remember running around playing some variation of a super powered defender of justice. Today is all about how it got started and where it led. As a kid I loved comics and any cartoon featuring Superman of the X-Men. If I were to truly trace back my love of honored do-gooders I would find myself in awe of the GI Joes. I saw every old school cartoon episode and craved all of the toys. Best of all I loved to go outside and create a persona where I was one of the Joes fighting to preserve freedom. This was my gateway hero, none of them had “super powers” but instead had unique sets of skills and dynamic personalities. Eventually I was introduced  to more powerful heroes and that led to superheroes and now days I am considered a superhero junkie.

I see the same fate for my middle child and I could not be happy. I dare not push him in any direction. I want to see where is passion for comic lore takes him. It led me to build a luBuzz-lightyear-cardboard-cutout-st fo adventure, be creative and hold true to honorable traits. I cannot wait to see if he continues to love this topic as I did or if it will lead to other interesting hobbies.

All things considered not much has changed for the progression, My son still had a gateway hero of his own. Mr. Buzz Lightyear played this role and he still holds a special place in his heart. Buzz is another case where he does not have “super powers” but instead has above the norm skill and a gallant mentality. Now days my son has mad love foe Batman and Spider-man. He loves his action figures and creates little scenarios, just the other day was my favorite. He had Batman and Spider-man team up and fight a rampaging Hulk. My three year old could write a darn good crossover.

So far his love of comics and superheroes has taught him to just be good and to help other. On the lighter side he has developed passion and exercises his imagination constantly.


The comic fan, and subject of this post, is Batman.

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