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I had a post about geek fatherhood as it has progress from my memories as a child to today. As I was digging around in the basement telling myself I should l look over my notes for tonight’s post I stumbled upon an old sketchbook. I used to keep them all but since I have gotten married and we have moved a couple of times some have been scattered all around and some have just disappeared. It is sad when one goes missing, it is like losing a friend to me. I tried to choose my sketchbooks with care and after I bring  it home we spend many hours together. When it is filled up I tuck it away in a safe place and re-visit it later.

The one I came across tonight was one that I had started just before my wife and I met. It was a difficult time, I was out of work and had to move back home. There were a couple of other things I was going through as well but that is for another time. To put things simply, this was just after my life hit its lowest point. Funny thing is every memory I have of creating the sketches in this book are happy ones. It has always been that way for me, my family was broken when I was a kid and we were typically poor but I was never sad when I was drawing. Sure I would start out sad at times but by the time I finished a drawing all the bad feelings drained out of me and I was left with satisfaction and accomplishment. I am not sure if anyone is reading this or if you know what I am talking about but it means a great deal to me.

I decided to share some of my drawings from this book, it was from five years ago but I like what I found. I have also decided that on top of trying to do three posts a week I want to start a “365 Sketches Project”. This will start tomorrow and end December 31st 2013. I will likely post three tomorrow since I need to make up same days. The idea is to create a sketch each day, some days I may need to do more than one to make up days since life still happens and all. That is all for now, enjoy my selections of drawings from the past below. (I just used my camera to snap shots so the quality may not be the best.)

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