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I honestly want to make a regular schedule of posting here at Animockery. After nearly two years of blogging on and off I should be able to manage this. I am happy to say that I am here to deliver, as promised, a summary of my current projects. The theme on today’s posts is pixels and “old school” gaming. I know that this is currently trending right now but I have never given up on the classics. After all I still own and use my NES and SNES consoles. It has also been a treat that my oldest loves to play these games and adored the movie “Wreck it Ralph”. Needless to say I have taken his love of these things and ran with it.

Let me begin by saying that about five months ago I purchased a Perler® bead kit and have been using it to recreate various 8-bit favorites. I started out as making little sprites for display in the old cubical and for the kids to play with but it has been so fun that I have decided to try some experiments. There may be an Animockery store in the near future if anyone likes my ideas. Two on the ideas I have so far are high end 8-bit coasters. (Pre-construction photos are below). The other idea is still in the early stages but I was thinking of various 8-bit board games. I will begin development on that one mid-January.



























As I said before my oldest son R has been really into the old 8-bit games, it has been over a year now, and I have loved it. We get one-on-one time talking about old games I played as a kid and when behavior warrants we even play some games together. Now that we are less than a month form his 4th birthday we asked him what he wants to do. I was so proud when he said he wants a big party and he wants it to be a Pac-Man party. Originally he requested a Mario party and stated he wanted it to be like “daddy’s Mario”, but later we all though a Pac-Man party would be more fun. I am super stoked about this party and I cannot wait for the fun to begin. R has never had a big party for just him so this is going to be a big deal. We have planned party favors and games, I will be making 8-bit sprites to be included in the gift bags, plus some other goodies. We have some ideas for games but not all of them will happen. If I had more time I would have made a Pac-Man style “Plinko” games for the kids, instead we will do a wall games in the same theme. I made custom invitation cards, pictured below, I could not find anything good in this theme so I had to make everything from the border to the ghosts. If you like the cards I plan on making a line of 8-bit cards available for sale soon.

That is pretty much it I have been busy but I will make a schedule I swear. If anyone has questions about the items I discussed or featured send me an email or message me here. I have net set up a store yet but I may be able to arrange limited “pre-store” sales upon request. As far as some of my other activities feel free to peek at my quick list of things I did while I was away. I also included a shout outs list of blogs worth reading, which I will try to include at the end of every post from here on.

Animockery “Things Done” List;

Books read:
– Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
– Name of the Wind
– The Wise Man’s Fear

– World War Z

Projects done:
– Two custom Duplo Blocks tables built
– Clay hand print ornaments of the kids with embedded pictures
– Password generator mini program

Other Stuff:
– Completed another semester of school
– Neat new projects at work that are going live soon
– Started training for an 8k run coming this spring

Blogs worth reading;

– Vintage Housewife Blog

– Domestic Diva M.D.