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So here I am writing a post for the first time in several months. It has been some time since I have been able to gain some sort of normalcy to my life but I think that if I build a writing regimen I can lay out some sort of routine. There is a great deal of events that have taken place in my life and I plan on covering that in this single post. After that it is back to regular posts about the geekier aspects that interest me.

Let me begin by saying that my wife and I brought a new life into the world. In addition to our two sons we now have a daughter born October 28th of this year. I could not be more excited and I will not lie that I will most likely spoiler her rotten. Our oldest son has now been fully potty trained for about nine months now and it is a blessing to have at least one child out of diapers. The youngest son has shown interest but the concept seems to be difficult for him to grasp. We are taking on this task in small steps; he is only two and a half after all. The rest of life as far as kids go has been normal. I enjoy playtime with my boys and have a blast listening to their stories and ideas. My youngest son has an imagination as wild as my own so we get along amazingly. My oldest is more grounded so we mostly stick to practical activities which are just as fun. As for my daughter I love to get my alone time just holding her and talking to her, she smiles now so thats fun and adorable.

My career has gone well so far, nothing major to report but I am happy with what I do and currently have no complaints. I have been thinking of my future and have big plans but they generally remain in the area of IT Security. I still have a while before I am done with school, at this point I could forget about the bachelor degree since I have my associates and I am working in the field of my choice but I think it is important to finish for the sake of moving forward. I also think it will be important in the future to show my kids how to finish what you started.

The wife and I are doing well too. We have spent a little more time together, as much as is available. We are still debating on when to move on to buying a house and where to finally settle down. Since the birth of our daughter we also received news that we are not able to have any more bio kids so that has been rough. My wife wants to consider adoption but I think we have a long road before that would be realistic. I also want to make sure we are right for it. I believe in finding good homes for kids without families, and we would certainly give any child a loving home, but it is a big deal and I want to be 100% sure we are ready for it.

This pretty much wraps up what has happened since my last post. If anyone has paid attention and has question about anything I may have forgotten feel free to ask me. I will be posting this Friday with information on some of my current projects. I may be starting a store with some fun geek related merchandise and I will talk about that Friday. I will also share my new posting schedule in the next post. Sorry for the lack of posting and I look forward to sharing and writing again.

Thank you for reading,