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I guess I should start with the fact that, with the exception of a few sips of my wife’s Sprite, I have continued to be soda free. This is sort of a big deal to me; soda has always been a staple for me. When I stop at the gas station I get one and when we eat in a restaurant I ordering a soda is nearly compulsive. To start to break this trained behavior is rather gratifying, I also starting to believe it is they key to success in habits like this. I have to admit I still miss it but I think it is too early for that to disappear. Some other things that have helped my fill the gaps to quit soda have been carbonated water and I have taken a liking to unsweetened ice tea mixed with juice with no sugar added. After the big juice fast debacle I have learned that I cannot do extreme weight loss tactics. It may be annoying but I am preparing for the long haul and changing my behavior to be healthier both body and mind. Next week I think I am ready to give up sweets. I will not be doing this forever but I want to see if I can go a month without and then after that I want to keep my sweets intake low. I will also get into a workout routine next week. My wife is going to help me keep on track with that one. After I am comfortable with the workout and that I will not have some massive slip up with the sweets I will take on the big daddy of food villains, fried foods. I have to give credit to sweets as my nemesis but fried foods are more common where I live, harder to avoid, and hardest to substitute. Although fried food is not my nemesis these combined traits make them a formidable foe. This pretty much sums up my health update and plans; I will keep you posted as to how things go. The though part will be this week, I am working four days ten hours each and that leaves me many opportunities to snack poorly at my desk. We are also moving this weekend which leaves up open to lazy and typically bad eating habits.

This is a perfect moment to lead in to the news that we are truly moving, finally. It has taken some time and some trouble but we found a place to live. In Madison we have always wanted to live in the Atwood neighborhood but since that has become the “in” place to live for trendy cool couples and families we cannot afford it. However we did find a place that is about a 20 minute walk away from our ideal neighborhood and it is still a nice area. We are blocks away from one of the more highly rated public elementary schools in the city. We have access to a yard we have laundry hook ups for our washer and dryer, which we bought this weekend, and a garage space for the winter. The best part is that our rent is lower than anything else we have seen in this area and our landlord has been awesome so far. We have also been told we can paint and do some work on the house so long as it is cosmetic he is fine so long as we ask. I am super excited to move my family into our own place again. I have also been really happy that it is all on our terms and we have not needed help from anyone. It is gratifying to stand on our own and make grown up choices and purchases. We are now owners of a nice washer and dryer, a new couch and I will be getting a new gas grill next week. I plan on living outside when I am home. I love to cook on the grill and I am quite good at it too. We have been getting ready to have good move. All deliveries are set and on the same moving weekend, internet will be installed this Saturday, I have Friday off work to load, drive and unload the moving truck and we even have extra hands. Our boys are really excited about moving too, they get all excited about the new house and the yard and new room. Last two times we stopped at the place they took off their shoes and socks and just ran all over the place. We have so much to do with them at the new place; we are a 15 minute walk for Olbrich gardens, 10 minutes from three different parks, walking distance to the farmer’s market and only a 10 minute drive to work.

As you can see we have had a great deal of change in a short amount of time. It will get crazy in the next couple of weeks and I think I will be switching to Twitter updates to keep everyone posted. Maybe that will be the push to get me to use my Twitter account more often. Feel free to follow me here and look for a video post that will be seen on the blog and on my YouTube account where you can follow me here. I will be doing work on the new place this week in addition to my 10 hour days so I will most likely be too busy to do any significant posts but I think I can manage some tweets. I will also try and take some pictures of the move so every one can see the transition. That is all for now the updates will follow and on Monday next week I will have final pictures and a post for fill everyone in on how things went.


Thank you for reading,