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I was thinking about my recent fail to eat better and how it all went down. I tried the ‘Juice Fast’ and it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I only lasted two days and I felt like I was hit by a truck. I realize that my body was going through de-tox but regardless it was awful. Normally when we humans eat terrible, drink booze, smoke and do a variety of other “un-natural” things to ourselves those toxins build up in our system. Over time we notice this less and les since, if our bodies are one thing, they are adaptable. This of course can be good and bad, we feel better when exposing ourselves to harm but it is still shortening our lives, reducing our immune systems and all over kind of wrong. I have tried to correct this but my will power is weak in the food department.


Just as an example of what I went through in my two days of de-tox was withdraw from fats, chocolate, caffeine, refined sugar and nicotine. Those last three were the real evil ones. In addition to his my body was under strain from just dumping the normal built up crud it has stored up over my life. I have been lucky so far since I did get one plus from my attempt to juice fast, I quit smoking. This was a big deal for me. I never did this any where around my kids but it was still something I wanted to cut from my life for, not only myself but my family as well. The lesson I learned from this is that you have to find what works for you. I cannot do all bad habits at one time and still function in the world. I decided to take another path, I have cut back on soda and in the last week I only shared one with my wife. I am going to cut back on caffeine too with one exception, black coffee. The only reason I say that is that Black coffee has a positive effect when consumed. Caffeine may be an addictive substance but coffee can do things like keep you colon healthy. My conclusion, if I want caffeine, drink black coffee in moderation. When I master this soda and caffeine thing I will be taking on sweets like candy and chocolate. This is a tough one since I have gotten one nasty sweet tooth as I get older. I guess it runs in the family, my grandpa had the same problem, used to hide candy all around the house like a squirrel so my grandma couldn’t take it all away. After chocolate I have to cut back on fried food too. I will begin an exercise routine this spring too; I have been putting it off due to being lazy. Any way I will be talking more later tonight I think I can hit my goal tonight after all. I was beginning to get worried.


Thank you for reading,