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If you asked me if I would ever date a man who would it be, the response would be easy. I have had this conversation with my guy friends before and it is really amusing what comes up. I have had some close friends in the past who, over the years have become rather comfortable with one another. I had them all surprised with my answer.

So who would I date if I were to date a man? Fozzie the Bear of course, now before people get all worked up about the details I realize he is not technically a “man” but he is a male bear so I am sticking by my answer. My reasons are rather simple too, for starters he is a Muppets and Muppets are too cool for school. Next I guess since I am a sucker for a girl who can make me laugh I would have to guess if I dated a guy the same would apply. Besides having a wicked sense of humor he has a good heart. He may be easily scared at times and avoid conflict but he is willing to stand by his friends through thick and thin. All things said I think that anyone would have a blast going on a date with Fozzie the Bear. You know there will be little to no sexual tension since he is a Muppet so that makes things easier. This way you can relax and just have a good time with no pressure.

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