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This Thursday March 8th 2012 will mark the one year anniversary of the Animockery blog. I thought I would take the time to share some of what has happened, why I started this in the fist place and what the future may hold. I had many ideas for websites and for this blog but things often change or life gets too crazy and we have to put things off. Today I have thought much of what has happened over the years and how I, and the site, came to be where we are now.


One year ago I was unemployed, trying to pay bills, complete school and work through a difficult point of my marriage. I kept thinking about comics and how I wanted to start one for several years and just never did anything about it. I also felt that I was losing myself in daily life and was forgetting my roots. I needed something to focus on and make my own. This is when I went to WordPress and started the Animockery blog. It had already been four years since I came up with the name and general concept of my comic but I never moved on it. I admit it was 80% laziness and 20% fear of failure so I just put it off. My thought was simple, start writing, gain followers, get the name Animockery out there and then make promises to start a comic. I thought by doing this I would commit myself on a higher level. It has been a year now and I am just getting started.


If you follow my blog you may know that I had not started getting serious about this project until mid January of this year. In that time I have made some pretty good progress. I went from zero followers to 22, seven views to 424 and 7 posts to 42. I also set a challenge to reach 50 posts for the Animockery blog anniversary. Including this post that means I have 8 posts to complete in three days. This has been a real tough one since I work full time and have a family. After this Thursday I will go back to two posts a week plus a weekly comic. This surge of creativity and need to have a committed project has me feeling pretty good and I see lots of exciting content in the future.


Speaking of the future I would like to say that I will be expanding my horizons shortly. I want to share more diverse categories which will include movies, art, food and local stuff from where I live. I recently reflected on where I live and got a renewed love for my area. You see I live in Wisconsin and grew up around Madison. I have had the privilege to see a great deal of diversity and community care. I want to help spread that love for my community and be a voice for my part of the world. I know others in the Madison area have blogs but I still wish to add myself into the mix. After my family moves I also foresee a geek project of creating DC comics room for the boys. Anyway that is all I have for now, if you enjoy this blog please feel free to follow it, ask questions or make suggestions. I love to see people interact here as much as possible.




Thank you for reading,