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Here we are at the end of my little trip down memory lane. This has been one of my biggest posts hence the three parts.I did that since I wrote more on this than I thought I would and I also didn’t want a giant post. With no further delay here are my top three memorable shows I will always miss;

3) Muppets tonight – It is no secret here or i my home life that I love the Muppets. Muppets tonight was just a riot and clever and sketch comedy brilliance. I think that with the power they have now and how much they have grown, they could put SNL out of business. It wouldn’t be hard considering that SNL has not been strong for years now. So lets make it happen and see that they get back to their roots. They wouldn’t even have to change the name much, Saturday Muppets Live SML! I guess this may never happen but I can always watch the old episodes when I need some laughs from the Muppets.

2) Star Trek: The Next Generation – I said that I would make reference to another Star Trek and here it is. I made this my second choice for endless reasons. For starters when it ended I was not ready, I still want more from this series and I will never have it. This makes me sad since how they ended it was not what I wanted either, I see why they did it the way they did but it was not some grand, “sorry fans but this is for the best”, sticking to the truth of the story, ending. They ended it and it was clear but not clear, it was lazy and I thought some what disrespectful to the series. Sure in the end Picard went about his day but to say why go farther you know what happens now. No, you cheated, you could have easily made the end progression over one last season and made it an end worth while. No matter how upset i get over the end of this show I still come back for the adventure and the love of the characters. We had some great times on the Enterprise, we also had some hard time, but we pulled through in the end. I know this is where I really became a Trek fan and learned that I would love to serve with Starfleet if not but one day.

1) Battlestar Galactica – Well here we are my number one missed series to this date. I hope you are not disappointed but I will say this, man what a show! It had it all, babes, robots, space, epic battles, adventure, survival, drama, romance and a wonderful story. Typically I watch a show or movie and I tend to route for my favorite. In Star Wars I cheered for Darth Vader (don’t give me grief in the long run I am a Jedi fan but lets face it Luke is a wuss). In BSG I had a hard time picking, I loved most characters and if they fell out of favor I would still care for them on some level. I think one truth in the series is that the universe is cruel and we are all just trying to make it. As time moves forward we move from hating the cylons to discovering that they are as afraid and confused as the humans. In the end I was sad to see it go, the ending was sad and had some pieces that were uncalled for but I did not hate it. The important parts came together like a well tuned orchestra and it was a pleasure to watch the finally, but sad to let it go.

I hope you liked this series of post, I would like to know what people thought since if it was good I would like to do more. If not I may still do it but much less since it take a great deal of time. Don’t forget to share I would be interest to here others top three missed shows.

Thank you for reading,