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I almost forgot to add this in to the mix. I had kept a small list of shows I wanted to include but the list was good at 10 and these just didn’t make the cut. This will be brief and I will not number them since they are all great runner ups.

Skeleton Warriors – This little gem not many people know about but I watched for its short lived single season. Very fun show and it had potential, I personally liked Grimskull who could pass through shadows.

Duck Tales – Who didn’t want to go on their adventures. I loved this show for all that it was worth, I also think I should mention Talespin here which was also fun.

Darkwing Duck – If you didn’t love it you either never really watched it or had a some mad hate for ducks. This was like a sillier feathered batman but with a stylish hat.

Mr. Bean – No matter how glum I am or how emo I tried to be as a kid he got me to smile and laugh. it was tough not putting this show in my top 10 since it brought me such joy and at ties pulled me from dark moments.

X-Files – I just had to mention it since it really never needed to end and Mulder never should have been taken away. They truth is out there and it could have been an endless journey.