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Well it took me a little while to think about my next segment to shows long lost. I will not waste too much time before I get started but I thought I would take a moment to mention some may wonder where their shows are and I will remind you this is my list. There are things left out for a reason and that could vary from I think it belongs on a different list or the wound still hurts and I don’t want to talk about it. I also would like to mention that as a product of both the 80s and the 90s that if you were a fan of the shows featured in this time span that aired in Nickelodeon you will not see them. I never had cable as a kid and I lived in the country so I never watched these shows. Most of my friends did and I always would hear about them but being a kid and feeling the need to fit in at that age I said nothing and just nodded and inserted a laugh when needed. Lets get started;

6) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – What show was so awesome that it caused your kid to wish he could turn green and grow a shell so he could fight bad guys with ancient Chinese kung fu? This was one of the shows that got me super revved up and begging my mom to get me lessons at the local dojo, where I lived we called that Karate America… If I was asked my favorite of all the green warrior gurus I would say Donatello. Like me he is interested in art, science and inner peace. He has a kind heart but knows how to defend the ones he cares for. It wasn’t on purpose but I have managed to model myself after him to some degree. Perhaps he left a more lasting impression than I thought.

5) Hercules – Say what you wish but I am a sucker for Greek mythology and a good adventure show. I think the role of Hercules fit Kevin Sorbo very well back then. As a kid I learned only the major Hercules stories and when I started to watch the show I fell in love. I think that they took this heroes life and gave it more dimension appealing to his human side more than ever. Sure they made it clear he had god strength but his heart and his mind were all human and that was obvious by his actions. Before I move on I will throw an honorable mention to the Xena fans who may be upset that this was my choice of the two. I admit I was balancing the two for this spot and for reason I will hold to myself I was not going to list them both. I went with Hercules because when it comes down to it I like fantasy and it is all about the first person imagination for me. I couldn’t be Xena, I would die at the hands of my enemies distracted by my own lady parts.

4) Red Dwarf – I have to say this was difficult choice for me. I was torn between this and another British comedy. Both made me laugh and both were my first experiences with British comedy. I was about 12 when discovered both of them and I was the only one in my school who knew they existed and by extension the only one who watched them. In reality a 12 year old boy in rural Midwest USA would not chose this show as premium entertainment but I did and it was a fun show. British comedy with whacked-out-pulled-grom-their-bums-totally-made-up science fiction. I really believe that the writers of the show would sit down each week and at the end of the meeting would would say “oh yeah we should through in some new sciencey stuff too just make it up no one will even notice”. It all worked though and the show had me hooked and I still revisit it when I have time. I am of course referring to the original BBC episodes.

That is all for now, I will share my top three missed shows tomorrow in addition I will make honorable mentions that are certainly missed but didn’t make my cut.

Thank you, for reading,