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I thought I would take a moment to reflect back on the shows we experienced in our lives that will never be forgotten. I refuse to call this my “all-time-favorites” since not all of these shows are considered so. Instead I wish to call this a list of shows that were once an important part of my life. From the moment I started to gain interest in cartoon series, science fiction, fantasy and sitcom I have collected certain shows that have somehow stuck with me. There are moments I recall that inspire me, give me courage, humble me, make me laugh and on occasion even make me cry. Now, lets us get on with the choices and remember I always welcome sharing.


10) Quantum Leap – Scott Bakula plays the role of Sam Beckett a scientist who leaps through time inhabiting the bodies of people in the past. His journey starts as a hasty mistake but leads to a mission to set right the wrongs of the past. He stands alone in this crusade with the exception of Al who appears as a hologram that no one else can see. If you have ever watched the show, this sounds like the intro to the show. I always loved the show and I thought as a kid it was great fun to watch, as an adult i thought it was a treasure. For starters what a talent to play, not only a different role every episode but play two roles. Quantum leap offers  a good mix of history, science fiction, some comedy and a little drama. I think that when it ended and I saw it as a kid I was outraged, but when I went back as an adult I saw that it was not the same. If you have never seen it and like on TV shows I will not share too much but you may want to skip this last bit to be safe. The ending was something that the fans did not want. I think that when Donald Bellisario wrote it he realized that it was not about the fans it was about the truth of the story. If you are truly a fan of the story then you will accept what comes to you.

9) Star Trek Deep Space Nine – Say what you will since I now Star Trek fans out there that think I am insane for liking this one. I assure you I have priorities and this is not the only Trek series I have on this list. Now there is not much to say about the show itself. The federation takes control of a Cardassian space station that sit close to a worm hole. I do not know what is not to like. The show is rich with interesting characters and danger looms at all times. One aspect we did not see in TNG and the original is a social environment outside Federation standards and protocols which I feel humanizes the series. I felt close to the show because I could relate to every character. I also learned that no matter the obstacle  you have to keep fighting. It also helped that I had a massive crush on Nicole de Boer while she was on the show.

8) Batman: The Animated Series – I love the comic and loved this take on the series. Sure I liked others after but this was the one. When I was  kid this was premium after school cartoon awesomeness. I would get off the bus each day and run into the house to grab some snacks and plop down and disappear into the world of Gotham City. I am by far a bigger fan of Superman but as far as the Dark Knight goes we get to see the gritty side of justice. We a normal man rise to become a symbol of truth and something that we can look up to. What a great role model right? My two year old loves this show too. He walks all over the house with furled brow and balled fist using a gravelly little voice as he marches stating “Mm bahmn” (translated it is “I am Batman!”).

7) Cheers – This was a real fun show that I miss. Where I grew up people spent a good deal of time at bars. This was in the days when it was still a great social event and dear friends and members of the community would spend time together. It was also when your status didn’t matter you all just had a rough day and wanted to go to your favorite place. Not for the alcohol but to be with people you cared about. This was also a time when bars were still often a family place as well. You can bring the kids and get a decent meal and see teachers, city workers and professional alike sharing good times. I admit these time are all b dead. I am sure there are still small pockets where it is till a reality but even in my still small home town it no longer exists. I love this show because it takes me back to a simpler time where life was more about caring for others and keeping friends close and less about competition and and survival of the fittest.


That is all for now I will give up part two and three tomorrow since this post got bigger than I thought it would.


Thank you for reading,