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As I move along in my study of the basics of art and architecture I find myself in amazement at what we have accomplished. From the structures of old that defy what we though possible given the technology available at the time, to the outstanding building we create today. Every time people of this little planet take architecture to the next level we seem so think that it can be done better. I guess that is the reality of human nature though. We will forever challenge the limits of our minds and bodies while testing the laws of nature.

As a man who believes we are truly not alone in this vast universe I cannot help but wonder what other worlds would think of us based solely on the monuments we leave behind. I also believe that we are not the only race of creatures that will dominate this planet. If we are gone and we leave behind structures or ruins what will the next civilized race think of us? If this is a result of evolution will they think gods once lived in the giant ruins of New York? Will they claim it to be the work of visitors from other worlds? Or will they be our destroyers and tell tales of the planet killing species who once ruled this world. Each one of these ideas my make a wonderful science fiction novel that I may or may not write some day. For now I will just appreciate that they still stand here as do we.

I think that architecture is truly one study that is over looked and underappreciated. How can we be blamed? Large and impressive buildings are everywhere and for most of us that live in populated areas have always had them around. We forget what it took to build the apartment building we live in when it was built in 1880 and technology did not allow for much of it to be done with assistance of machines and computers. If you are reading this I will ask you to do one thing over the next couple of days. Look around the city or town that you live in, pay close attention to the small details put into the buildings around you and think about the person who designed it and the people who helped build it. If you have some special structures around you please come by the blog and share so others can appreciate them as well.


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