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I want to make this short but sweet. I was given the “Kreative Blogger Award” by Quizoxy and I would like to honor that, all be it a little late. I know that these awards to some can seem almost like chain letters to some but when you sit down and really think about it they are there to allow other bloggers to promote one another and get their names circulating. I have been trying to avoid just naming those people that I follow and seek out others that I may not follow because their subject are not my normal interests but they write well and share interesting experience regardless.

All that said I will be sharing my seven interesting things about myself as well as seven bloggers I would like to pass this award on to. If you get this award from me and do not care for it then I apologize, if you do not want to participate then you have no obligation.

Seven Interesting things about myself;

1) I am ambidextrous although I do not practice often I am still equally capable of performing the same task with either hand.

2) Although I am not blood related to all I have a huge family. I am on of 7 (some y marriage but we are all family) with 2 bother-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws and I am married with 2 kids and we want more. Extended family I have 23 aunts and uncle, 41 cousins, 5 nephews and 2 nieces oh and 1 still living grandparent. If you put us all in one picture that would be 91 people and we all still keep in touch.

3) I may be a geek but I enjoy hunting as a means to feed my family.

4) My first job was working in tobacco fields at age 12; I made 5 dollars an hour plus a home cooked meal.

5) I dislike almost every sport with the exception of hockey which I love very much even though my state does not have a pro team.

6) I used to speak really good German but know that I have not used it in over 10 years I am attempting to relearn it.

7) I cannot stand double dipping of foods. Chances are if I catch you doing it with food that we are sharing I will get really mad and I will let you know.


Here are seven bloggers I though should get the “Kreative Blogger Award” If you have already gotten it or do not want it I apologize;

1) Nerd Monkey

2) I am a Nerdy Girl

3) Radiant Musings

4) Doodles form the Desk

5) The Illustrators Journal

6) Alex Cipriano’s Work Blog

7) Jtollington