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I know it is a pun but let me have my moment! I decided I wanted to have a night with my wife so we checked out the selection at Redbox. We rarely check out movies anymore since 99% of our entertainment now comes from Hulu and Netflix. We were delighted to see “The Rum Diary”, so I ran right out to get a copy. I have seen “fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” which is also great and I think that this managed to live up to that. Johnny Depp of course play a great role of slightly less than normal Paul Kemp as he descends into madness. What I saw was a man who wanted to make it as a writer and thought he could see past those who suffer around him. Kemp eventually saw the truth and emerges ready to be the voice that calls out the bastards.

As for experiences in the movie you will have to enjoys dark comedy. I had many moments where I was laughing out loud. I really did feel for Kemp most of the time but I also found moments where I was thinking “Now why the heck did you have to do that!”. As for others who mattered in the film there was Sanders, who if your anything like me you will hate him the moment you see him. He is a true jerk and a classic “good ol’ boy” who takes what he wants and seems to want to destroy what he cannot have. Micheal Rispoli does a great job playing Sala who is like the uncle nobody talks about. Moberg comes and goes but has some OK moments.

Overall I think it was a fun trip and I would watch it again to see if I missed anything. I will say that it is not for everyone nor is it the typical date night movie. If you love a dark comedy and a smart movie I would recommend this one to you. I guess I didn’t really go all that deep into the film after all but I will keep my title anyway.


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