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In honor of keeping my blog on the generally “family friendly” side I will leave my title coded and let you figure that one out. After you finish reading this post you will most likely know what I mean. As I said the last time I wrote I was beginning to feel the effects of trying to post daily and sometimes more that daily. I was starting to reach for things to discuss and with the help of a follower and taking a short break over the weekend I have come back with renewed energy.

Today this will be one of two (hopefully) posts. I felt the need to say “hello” and, “I’m not dead” to those who visit my little corner of WordPress. I decided that Quizoxy was correct; I needed a project to share with others. Over the weekend I purchased two books both related to subject on drawing that I am weak at. The first is a book on architecture, which stating that I am week at is only part true. I have a talent for drawing structures but I cannot make them work as a background environment. So if I need to have buildings as a setting with characters as my main subject I tend to fail pretty hard. The second book is a collection of American style superheroes. I have always catered towards “anime” style human figures or more “cartoon” style. I have never been able to get the American super hero right. My attempts tend to look a little like people that are half steroids addicts and half ‘Mega Blocks’. So over the next several weeks I will be practicing and sharing as I improve my skills outside my normal comfort zone.

In spirit of all of this, when I feel I am a little more comfortable I will make a video and add it to a post later next week. Until then you can live with the good ol’ Jpeg. Look back here later today to see my response to receiving the “Kreative Blogger Award”.


Here are my shout outs for the day!

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