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Well I knew I had to post something or I would pay for it later. I have a few things that I would like to just share to keep everyone posted. The first thing you will notice it that I made some additions to the header. I will keep making changes as I feel it needs them but I also do not want it to become an unreadable clutter. I know that I am happy with the simple logo that you see in all my comments and attached to my Gravatar account. I have also started to think about future blog posts so I can reach my goal easier. I figure that will help me avoid posts like this one. I have found that after long days at work and with some crazy time at home it can be hard to post and I have served up quite the task of hitting 50 posts by March 8th. On the plus side I think I will be just fine launching my comic that day and this post put me at 18 posts left and 14 days until the big day. I guess that means I am doing really well. After doing much reading I have also thought about doing some re-blog stuff. I keep seeing posts that I think should be shared but I also feel that if it counts towards a post on my blog it would be cheating. I will continue to take note of posts I have wanted to re-blog and I will start to add links instead as “shout outs” to my fellow WordPress bloggers. You will notice there are not any in this post for the simple reason that I barely had time to write this and the idea just came to me this evening. Look for “Shout Outs” in up coming posts, and as always;


Thank you for reading,