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This morning I woke up on day two of my juice fast. In short I felt like I was hit by a dump truck. I was able to shower, dress myself, make my juice and drive to work. After that point it gets hazy, I felt sick and dizzy all day. I could not seem to focus on anything no matter how hard I would try. I really started to have some issues. The worst part was that I started to doze off at my desk.

I hat to say it but I have to throw in the towel. If I cannot concentrate ant work I could get in some real trouble. Anyway My wife joined me in resigning and not all is lost. We will still be having a morning juice in place of breakfast. The two days we did fast helped us detox a little. I will be eating again and I hope I feel normal again. I guess I have to find some other topic to fill the extra days of posts.


Thank you for reading.