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I do not have too much to say tonight. I am tired and have had a long but enjoyable weekend. I think the coming week will be a toughy but I am ready for it. What I really wanted to share was that we are all ready for our fast to start to Monday morning. On Saturday we purchased our juicer which is a Breville Juice Fountain. Today we went to the grocery store and got our fruits and veggies, I wish I would have taken the camera it was  sight to see them cart. I think I will bring it next time. Anyway after the kids were in bed my wife and I opened our new juicer, washed it and assembled. We had some extra carrots and pears so we thought it would be a good idea to test it out to see how the juice tastes and how it works so there are no surprises in the morning. I won’t go into detail since I will be doing a review of the juicer on Wednesday after its been used more. That is really all I have to say tonight so i will leave you with pictures of our juice station.

Here is the combo for that bright orange juice(which was very good and taste nothing like carrots);

4 carrots

2 pears

3 strawberries

That is all I really have to say tonight. I will have much more tomorrow which will include ‘Juice Fast Day 1’ plus my normal Monday post.

Thank you for reading,