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I am very tired as today is the first day and I am already feeling the effects of withdraw from caffeine, fats, and nicotine. I think this is going to take every ounce of effort to complete the ten days. It all started out fine this morning, I was a little late to work since I had to make a double batch of juice to get me through the day but other than that I was fine until after lunch.
I had set up lunch plans with a co-worker before I knew I was doing this so I still tagged along so we could catch up. She ordered Chinese food and I had my drink and watched her eat while we talked about the company. It was hard but it did not hit me until I got back. This is normally where I have come back from eating lunch and I am on round two of coffee. By two in the afternoon I was so tired I could not even focus. I hope this turns around soon or I won’t make it the whole ten days. I am pretty sure my boss would frown on upright sleeping at my desk.
I will continue to give updates as much as I can it all depends on how my mind and body are doing. In the end it should be worth it since it will have gotten rid of all the bad stuff stored up inside.
Than you for reading,