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To answer the question above, that is what people tried to call anime back when I was younger. When I was in high school anime was something not many people knew about and most social groups that watched it were small in numbers and often outcasts. I remember having to go to great length to get an anime on VHS and eventually on DVD, It was also very expensive. The worst part is that the area I grew up was not very big on this form of entertainment. At times I would go to shop for some anime and the stores willing to carry it would border on the creepiness of adult video stores. Local owned shops run by strange people who prefer to live in basements for the cool dark climate.

Lucky for me and future generations anime is now beyond mainstream. The selection of anime and even manga is crazy. Now that I am married and have kids I find this to be a little overwhelming at times. Not only do I have a spending budget but I have a time budget to shop and watch. If I chose something violent I have to wait until the kids are in bed but I also have to get to bed at a decent time. If I get something too child oriented I run the risk of the entire movie becoming burned into my memory word for word. I have found some balance so far and I adjust it constantly to fit my tastes and my ever changing home life.


  1. Epic series are epic hassles. Really I used to love the nearly never ending series. If it is well made and I care about the characters I can get sucked in. So what is wrong with them now? If I miss one episode I could get lost and trying to go back and catch up takes too much time and it can also be difficult to find the missing episodes. If you like to buy the series DVDs it will cost a fortune that is better used on diapers and food. If you want something more than a movie, check out the huge variety of mini series that are available. If you like to buy they make great gift and often come in box sets. If that is too much green to drop in one trip then buy them as they come out one at a time. You can manage your spending better although it will cost a little more in the long run. Need something that will entertain all and have big bang for the buck? I recommend Studio Ghibli Films. If you love anime you most likely know about this, for those who do not know I will explain. These films were originally made in Japan but now, partnered with Disney are coming to USA and many other places with great English dubbing. Most of them are OK to watch for the whole family. What I like about them is the creative stories and excellent artwork.
  2. Why but the cow when you get the milk for free? I would rather leave the amount of money I spent on anime in my life out of this. I really mean that, back in the day a DVD that had four episodes used to cost around $30 USD where I live. Of course this was over 12 years ago. Now I get most of my anime fix through Netflix and Hulu. The selections are not unlimited but there is some really good stuff out there and you can start and stop it any time you want. It also allows you to watch something new on demand without having to cough up the cash for it.


That is all I have for now I think I will continue this sort of post in the future. How to stay geek while living on a dad’s money and time budget…


Thank you for reading,