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No I am not on drugs, but my wife and I are starting a juice fast this Monday. I know many people out there know exactly what I am talking about especially if you have ever seen “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!”. If you have no idea what I am talking about that is fine because I had no idea until my wife explained it to me. We decided to do this to detox and reboot our bodies. We will be fasting for at least ten days, if we wish to go on we will go from there.

I will not be talking about my wife during this process for two reason; one she will be sharing the experience on her own blog, two we both have our own goals we hope to reach during this juice fast. In addition to my regular posts and to help meet my goal of 50 posts by the Animockery blog one year anniversary I will be sharing the first five days of the fast. Why only five days? well for one I have other things I would like to write about. Another reason is that I do not think that anyone want sot hear about it for ten days straight. Anyway, my goals are simple, I want to lose weight and feel better. I also struggle with acid reflux which if genetics prove right I could be looking at some real damage to my esophagus later in life.

By now if you do not know exactly what we will be doing during this fast I will explain. The only thing we will consume during this fast if vegetables and fruits. They will be juiced and uncooked which means a high amount of nutrients that will be absorbed faster than chewed food. The idea is to use the nutritious benefits of vegetables to boost our immune system and our metabolism. In addition to giving up solid food and anything that is not a veggie or fruit but we will also give up many vices. I alone will be quitting smoking, coffee (that will be a killer) as well as most other beverages. We are limited to the juice and some tea before bed.

I have been told that the first three days is the most difficult but we will see and I will share.

Thank you for reading,