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As far back as I can remember I have loved watching the Muppets. Valentines day has passed and my wife and I prepare to celebrate our fourth anniversary this May I have started thinking about other couples. How are these two topics related? Well I remember watching Kermit and Miss Piggy as a kid. As a child I could not understand why they were a couple. For starters I thought that a frog and a pig have no business being a couple. They are two different species, and their kids, the endless combinations of what they would look like still runs on in my mind. As I get older I am beginning to realize that they may be more of a perfect couple than most of us. Let me explain.

Let me begin with the fact that I am not a professional in relationships or matters of mental health this is purely opinions through observation. As people none of us are perfect, this goes double for relationships. I have always found that a healthy happy relationship is about balance. In the situation of Kermit and Miss Piggy we see this in a sort of extreme. Lets start with Kermit, on the surface we a green loving kind frog with a big heart who is always looking out for his friends. In reality Kermit has an obsessive need to please others that boarders on the insane. Constantly feeling the need to please others at the risk of his own safety, mental well health and financial stability. Kermit also seems to have a need to keep his loved ones close and does not deal well with losing anyone he cares about. My guess would be that most of this is related to abandonment, as a frog he was mother left him at birth. The result, Kermit has trouble letting others go.

Now lets dive into Miss Piggy. On the outside we see a narcissistic princess of a pig that constantly puts others down. In reality she just wants to be accepted and loved unconditionally. Miss piggy is vain because she feels the need to put herself above others to hide the fact that she really is not as confident as she appears. When Miss piggy puts others down what she is really saying is “Please don’t leave me I need to be loved”. Perhaps this is also a defense mechanism, she pushes them away before she can get hurt. When it comes to push or shove she will eventually break. If she pushes everyone close to her away she will come running.

So why are these two who are such a mess a good a match? They balance one another, one is an extreme care taker and gives constantly. The other needs constant approval and affection. It may be a little scary at time but they work as opposites balancing out their differences to form a pretty solid relationship.

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