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It just came to me that my blog is fast approaching its first anniversary. I have decided to set a goal to hit my 50th post on that same day as well as launch the Animockery online comic. I want the one year anniversary to be a big even so I am pulling out all the stops. I may not have a huge following but that will come. Those of you who do follow and those who are reading this may be asking a few questions by now. I would like to answer them forthright.

Why now?  Well kids, it is because I want to make my mark and it may have taken a while but I realized that this is a great starting point for doing that. Also I have had a herd time finding a passion due to lack of time and a big part of lack of effort. Between being student, a father, a husband and having a career I have about one maybe two hours of “me” time. Don’t get me wrong I love my life, my wife is hot my kids are amazing and my career is fun, But when it comes to time I get to do my own little hobbies is small. It has taken some effort to learn time management to better use that time and I use less time just sitting around wasting it. So, in short I want to make something of myself and my time.

Why so serious? To be honest I do not know why I feel the need to do this now. I really only started a regimen this year and even then I still miss a day or I am late (which I am trying to work on). I think it was the post I made on my oldest son’s birthday that started it. I had kicking around the idea of getting serious about writing and creating art for a while and it was that post that made me gain a feeling of urgency. I currently have the feeling that this is something I am supposed to do. Perhaps I will make my mark, maybe this will be my thing, maybe not. For now is all I can say is that I am compelled to do this blog.

Why 50 post? Because it was the lowest significant number I feel I could make by my blog’s anniversary without destroying my life. It is still a little high and I will have a couple days where I post more than once but it is a goal I want to make.

What are you going to write about? Well, I will still write about the normal weekly stuff. In addition to that I will be sharing some more experiences and thoughts as well as some more useful things like opinions on books, comics, movies and more gadgets. I am also happy to take suggestions. and use them as needed. No promises on that last one.

If I missed anything please feel free to ask me more questions. I think this will be an interesting experience. After this post the count goes to 30 posts in 24 days. I will continue the countdown on every post until I reach my goal on March 8th. After the anniversary post things will return to normal with three posts a week plus a comic one day a week. Wish me luck and I’ll see you at the finish line!

Thank you for reading,