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Just a little something I had rattling around in my head this morning. I am not often thinking of riddles, although I do enjoy them from time to time.  Unrelated to the riddle itself, many of my friends know I am a huge fan Batman who is second in my mind only to Superman. The Riddler, the sophisticated cool one not the Jim Carry one, has always been in my top three Batman villans. Anyway I had this riddle in my head for some reason and thought I would throw it out there. I encourage others to try and answer or share their own riddles, my answer will be given on Friday.

 Here we go;

 I have four eyes but cannot see,

In order of size I stand behind three,

I live in one country but the world has others like me,

Look to your books and see I’m part of history,

 What am I?

 Feel free to share and I am open to criticism so if I fail at riddles please tell me so I don’t do it again.


Thanks for reading,