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Ladies and gentlemen, I “stand’ here before you as a survivor. My household recently faced an outbreak of a virus that brought those who had it to their knees. OK, so it was really only my wife, and it was only a stomach virus. It was quite nasty though, she was out for almost three days so it was up to daddy to step in. I normally post on Monday and share a little about what is going on in the Animockery House but to be honest I was so tired last night by the time everyone was in bed I passed out on the couch watching X-Files.
So if you are here to peek in our window I will fill you in on what you missed. I have been practicing more on my Intuos 4 and I think I am getting better at the pen on tablet change. I had to take some time away to run the house while my wife recovered but I managed to spend the nights raiding Netflix for my next series to start. I decided on watching X-Files from the beginning since I loved it so and have not watched the whole thing since it was still running on Fox. Other than that I have been playing Mr. Mom.
My wife and I went on a mini shopping spree and got some fun stuff. I got a new Xbox controller and we got portable DVD players to entertain the boys on long trips. Both our boys got some new shoes that super cool. We always go a little further with shoes since they both need special shoes. Harry gets wide shoes and Raeden gets double wide. I will add some style pics tomorrow.
Everything has started to settle down here so far. Today after work I was happy to see the boys were napping and my wife was feeling well enough to be up and crocheting! I also signed up for Hulu Plus to see if its worth a regular subscription. I am happy that I did not catch anything so far since I just started my career and it will take a while to get my benefits. Well that’s all for now I will be posting an update tomorrow on the Wacom Intuos 4 and show of my progress.
Thanks for reading,