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      So I chose to take a look at the last book I read even though it was a while ago. Actually the last book(s) I read was the entire Harry Potter series. The point is the last stand alone, non-movie book was Orcs by Stan Nicholls. It has adventure, magic, mysterious dream and betrayal. If you love the fantasy genre and have been looking for a different angle I would recommend this book.

Let me begin with the fact that if you are looking for the Orcs of Lord of the Rings do not bother. Nicholls does not pull from LOTR mythology, rather he pulls from good ol’ English lore. That’s right kids Orcs existed before J.R.R. Tolkien. The book does an amazing job of really fleshing out the Orc in a way not amny have seen. We are able to see that creatures of fantasy are not always so one sided, good or evil, black or white. Instead every one is grey and the choice of evil deeds or noble cause is up the the character.

In this world Orcs are an enslaved race torn apart by those who wish for freedom, the loyalists that kill their own to advance in rank and the rare ones who are just trying to live. In the story we follow a band of Orcs led by Stryke a fierce leader with great skill. Stryke and his war band are sent to obtain some items for their master. When they do not return as planned they are branded as traitors and forced to survive against a vast army of their own kind while they figure out the secret of the Orcs and their true destiny.

I do not want to give away too much and I am also happy to say there is more to the story I have not read yet. My next planned book to read is the next part of the series; ‘Orcs: Bad Blood’. I will be happy to rant about my thoughts after I am done reading it. I really do think this is a great take on Orcs and puts them in a different light then we are used to. There are still many familiar traits there such as the warrior instinct and their being prone to rage but there is much more to the Orc that can be really interesting and worthy of their own book  series.