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Today I wanted to start something of a tradition. Every Monday I will just share what ever I happen to be thinking about that day. The title is “Monday Muse” but I am not in love with the name and I honestly am not a fan of forced titles and this one is kinda forced. That said, look for my thoughts and ideas every Monday but be prepared to see the name change as I work that part out.
Now lets get to it! Today I was thinking of my last week my family and I will live with my in-laws. Is all I can think about is how much we are all changing. My wife Joyce has more going on for her and started getting involved with moms that run their own businesses and might even get involved with their next project. She will also be working from home herself. My youngest Harry is getting ready to potty train and will be in his own room for the first time in his life. My oldest Raeden moved to his “big boy” bed which is a twin sized bed and he loves sleeping in it. I think that the new bed was the biggest step for me. Yesterday I was taking apart Raeden’s bed and it was a mix of feelings. I am so proud of his, he is getting older and can handle the rules that come with a “big boy” bed (for his birthday, picture below). It also made me sad, there I was taking apart my oldest son’s crib for the last time. We have been putting him to sleep in that crib for three years and now he has moved on. It was a real milestone for Raeden and for me and Joyce.
Another thought on my mind, of course, was this blog. I really want to push for at least two posts a week, that is why I am writing today. Another thing that has bugged me is that I keep finding an excuse not to do a comic. I have some time and I have everything to do It, I just keep making up new reasons not to. I plan on making this a temporary start-up home for my comic. If it get any love then I want to have a dedicated site. I think right now it is important to get some followers on the blog before I expand. I would really like to know what others think. Should I even start here for the comic or should I go purely dedicated? This Friday I want to post my comic concept so keep your eye open for that. Until then enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading,


p.s. the site will look different soon and will change often as I play with themes and decide if custom is worth it right now.

Readen's new bed!