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I often refer to myself as a “techie” or gadget fan. I am an absolute sucker for any new technology that comes out. I have noticed that sometimes it is a real problem. My love of gadgetry has gone as far as wanting something that I would never really use. Some examples would be; laser pointers, the magic bullet and travel scanners. At some point I have or almost have purchased some of these items. The laser pointer was one device that I actually got and I pretty much just used it to annoy people and cats.

As many gadgets out there I would never use in a realistic situation there are many I would use and actually make my life easier. For the ones I would never really use I have learned to control the urge to buy them but I still admire them. For the ones I would use I have gotten some already and plan to get some in the near future. As I have mentioned in this blog before I have had my sights set on a Wacom pad for while now. My wife has informed me that she will be getting me one as one of my rewards for completing my Associates degree. I look forward to holding my Wacom Intuos 4 soon! I will also be upgrading my desktop PC soon and it will include many new gadgets and technology. For one I will be installing my OS on a SSHD and for my other storage drives they will be standard but my case will have quick remove hard drive bays so i can do some specialty work. I will be getting my wife a Cannon EOS 5D Mark II next year so she can take great pictures and HD movies. I will finally be getting an iPad 2 next year so that is exciting.

My need for gadgets is still a difficult battle. I am sure if I could get away with it I would buy some new thing every week. For now I have a small list of great items that are coming up so I think that will work for me. I will always be on the look out for new gadgets that may interest me or even new technology to read about. I love to read Wired Magazine and check the latest tech section of TED Talks. I ALWAYS welcome new information of gadgets and technology from readers, friends and family.