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I am now a father of two and I have an amazing wife. For about the last three years I have put off various hobbies and interests for the better good. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and I cherish all that has happened, both good and bad. My time has been filled with diapers, feedings, at home dates, going back to school and working full time. Recently I completed my first college degree at the young age of 27. I am very proud of this milestone and I have decided to take a six month break to recollect myself before I move to the next segment of my education.

You may be wondering by now where am I going with this? Who is this ranting man? Why am I still reading this? Well if you are a geek at heart and you have recently felt disconnected to your geek roots due to reality and adulthood then read on, we may have something in common.

So in the last three years I may have been busy but I have accomplished much. I met the love of my life, got out of debt, moved out of my mother’s house, competed a college degree, started a solid career and brought two amazing lives into the world. However this has taken a toll on the ‘self’. That may sound, well, selfish but I am a form believer that for one to be strong one must know thy self. Since there has been so much going on in my life I have lost a bit of my identity. I do not think it is all gone, I also think that what I can find again will be the same. What I hop to do is connect to my geek roots and start fresh as a husband, father professional geek.

The real trouble is where to begin. I have had a backup of ideas and things I have wanted to do. To name one is to focus on this blog again. So I guess I can check that off. I also want to get back into my art and start creating comics again. Then there is a list of books a mile high and that is just the fantasy/sci-fi genre add at least another mile for graphic novels. I also want to start building my website that will be home to Animockery the comic(this is my comic I wish to continue.). I also write some but that has been checked off as I can do it here on the blog.

What I think I would like is to here from other disjointed geeks, Lost souls to the order of the nerd. Lets us share so we can help one another get back to the basics and figure out how and what can fit into our new lives. So please if there is anyone out there reading tell me and any other readers your story. For those who have succeeded in this quest please share your wisdom so that those who need it can learn as well.