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Mayor Roe had a look of surprise; it may have been the sudden abruption or the constant questions. No one around him was really sure. The Mayor inhaled slowly, puffing out his already large torso. Now he looked sober, stern shortly shifting to a light and amused chuckle as he exhaled.

Sarah Holt, who was never easily started or shaken, was just recovering from the mysterious appearance of the grim old man. She turned to look at Mayor Roe who was still enjoying a chuckle. She felt embarrassed and it showed. Her face went red and she jabbed Quinn Holt in the ribs.

“Well? Say something.” She quipped sharply at her husband.

“Hrm” Quinn made a noise to get the Mayors attention; it sounded a little like an old ram coughing up a patch of dirty. “Herman, you seem to be enjoying yourself, do you know who that man is?”

“Quinn, I have absolutely no idea. But what is the harm in a little live entertainment. Come on everyone take your seats, we would not want to insult our host”

Mayor Roe herded his inquisitors out of his booth and then shuffled around his chair to take a seat.

The auditorium began to quite down as guest moved towards their seats. As the last guest, John Thompson of Thompson and Sons Law Form took his seat the lights began to dim and the crowd fell silent.

Everything fell into darkness and the silence became so thick it began to feel like a physical presence. Just as the audience began to feel discomfort creep up on them there was a loud click. A single spotlight lit the center of the stage where a man stood alone. He was tall and looked very strong. He wore a suit that was black as tar and his shirt was a deep red. His face remained unseen, cast in shadow by a crisp fedora.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you will experience a show like none other. For one night only you will see into the mind of the creator himself, before your very eye you will witness wonders and beauty the world will never see.”

The spotlight shut off and the audience fell into darkness once again. After a few moments people began to quietly talk amongst themselves. The Mayor was asked more questions by those he shared a balcony with.

Sarah and Quinn sat behind him, “Mr. Mayor, are we really expected to sit through this ridiculous display?”

“Of course we are!” Boomed Mayor Roe, “It’s just a show Sarah, now please sit down and enjoy yourself.” He smiled with some satisfaction.

Two spotlights lit the stage and the red curtain shot up revealing the entire stage.