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It is late now and I have finally gotten an opportunity to sit down and process this day and the other two that preceded this one. Many things have happened in the last three days that has had a rather strong impact on my life and most of which is in that life. Now that the dust has settled and life goes on I am able to continue my little project that has continued to grow on my mind as time passes.

I guess it is easy to see why this is happening. To understand what I mean I will have to elaborate. I have a very large family and there are many members of that family that are successful and are great role models and generally good people. I have felt a growing need to join my family in a sort of greatness. I focus mostly on being a father since it is my family that I place before anything. That has become even more important to me over the last couple of days. With the passing of my greatest role model I have seen that I have not kept my priorities in order. I have since then re focused my life. With all of this change and busyness I have decided that I want to leave my mark. I do not know how far this will go or if I can keep the momentum but I hope to complete this project in full.

It is time that I started my site layout. I want to keep it simple and I have also been going back and forth on if I will code my own site or if I will gravitate towards the route of comic press. I have seen many web comics that have taken this approach and they look fantastic. They also are supposed to be easy to maintain. On the other hand I have many ideas of how I this website to look and it would not be possible to achieve most of these plans in comic press. I have been pushing my knowledge of website creation and coding in HTML and CSS but it has been rough. It is rather tempting to having things already put together and only needs filling on certain areas. I keep leaning towards the total self coding but only time will tell. I have some designs I have been kicking around and I want to post them up tomorrow so look out for that. Until later I will continue to post what my thoughts are.